Our Custom Military Coins

Custom Military Coins

Custom military coins are a respected part of military life. They have long been a symbol of unit camaraderie, shared experiences and team cohesion. At Military Coins USA, our custom military coins honor the spirit and dedication of the men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. If you’re looking to order challenge […]

How Have Challenge Coins Changed Over Time

Challenge Coins Changed Over Time

It is common knowledge that challenge coins were first widely used in the military. Challenge coins have a very interesting history. Some historians date back the use of coins to ancient Rome. Roman soldiers would often receive bonus coins as a reward for their exceptional service in addition to their usual pay. The coins had […]

How are Challenge Coins Used Today

Challenge Coins

Originally American soldiers collected and traded military challenge coins as a token of respect. Today, these commemorative coins are one of the most prestigious awards you can receive for service and accomplishment. With origins going back to the Roman Empire, these coins are more than a collector’s item. What Is A Challenge Coin? The actual […]

The History of NYPD Challenge Coins

NYPD Officer Coins

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has adopted a long-standing practice that honors memorable accomplishments achieved by the men and women in the law enforcement organization’s service, as well as challenges them to continue to strive to reach greater heights. This practice is known as the bestowing of challenge coins. The following short piece chronicles […]

A Brief History of the Challenge Coin

challenge coin

Have you ever heard of a challenge coin? Outside of the military, most people have not. However, these important coins are something you should be aware of, as they’re meant to honor someone who has shown great valor. A challenge coin is a small coin, medallion, or token of some sort that helps to signify […]

How Custom Coins Can Help Prevent Suicide in Vets

Custom Coins Can Help Prevent Suicide in Vets

Last year, a VA study was published that shook the military world to its core: about 22 veterans commit suicide every single day. In fact, suicide among veterans has been steadily on the rise since 2011. Further, the American Psychological Association released data confirming that about 20% of veterans suffer from PTSD. There are countless reasons for the mental health […]