Challenge Coins for a Cause

Challenge Coins for a Cause | Military Coins USA

Life isn’t always easy and not everyone has the same advantages in life. There are many social causes that people hold walks for including research for a medical condition, a fundraiser for families of people who died fighting for a cause, or even events held to bring awareness to an issue. In October, breast cancer […]

Morale Coins Improve Performance

Challenge Coins

It’s not easy maintaining morale in military units, businesses, or even volunteer organizations. Custom morale coins can boost spirits at times when your members, staff or employees need it most. Morale coins, like morale patches, offer comments pithy or poignant on the organization, mission or life in general. You can carry morale coins virtually anywhere, […]

The History of Presidential Challenge Coins

The History of Presidential Challenge Coins | Military Coins USA

Challenge coins have had a role in the history of the United States. They started out more than 100 years ago, and have adapted to many different uses and meanings. Presidential Challenge Coins comprise one of the most unique coin collections. The History of the Challenge Coin The military has a long tradition of using […]

Show Your Team Pride With Challenge Coins

Show Your Team Pride with a Challenge Coin | Military Coins USA

Fans are always coming up with new and exciting ways to show who they are rooting for in the game. Sports teams are always looking for new ways to unify themselves or hold onto memories among teammates. No matter what your goal is, why not try something unique and exciting to change things up? A […]

The History of the Challenge Coin

Challenge coins have been around for decades, and it’s a tradition that is still regularly practiced today. It all started (as far as we can tell) with a newly formed Army Air Corps squadron in WWI. The lieutenant commissioned special brass medallions with the squadron’s insignia for each member of their group. One pilot, who […]

Make Your Coins Truly Yours With Custom Options

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Custom challenge coins are widely popular in both military and civilian life today. Whether it’s to honor achievement, promote cohesion among team members or for just about anything else, they’re a great way to celebrate. While coins are attractive keepsakes on their own merit, there’s a wide range of custom options available to make them […]