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Military Coins USA is dedicated to producing the highest-quality police challenge coins at the lowest prices, and with the best customer service in the business. We recognize and appreciate the dedicated service that law enforcement officers provide every day. We are committed to delivering custom challenge coins at the same standard of excellence.

Our police coins are designed and produced to the same exacting standards as our military coins, so you can always carry, exchange and display them proudly.

Our Commitment To Outstanding Results

We have some of the most talented graphic artists in the business. We can work closely with you to create a new design that’s unique to your department or reproduce an existing coin design. Just let us know, and we’ll produce the law enforcement challenge coins that meet your specific requirements.

Want coins good enough to trade with other departments, or to sell to the public to raise funds for service programs? We’ve got you covered. And we’ll get those coins to you fast, with free shipping to any address in the continental U.S.A.

At Military Coins USA, customer service is always a priority. We respect your time, your budget and your expectations. We make ordering custom coins fast, easy, and fun. We don’t want just a one-time order from you — we want to be the trusted resource you turn to whenever you need custom coins.

Whether you’re shopping for coins to distribute to the public or to commemorate specific units or operations, you have a right to expect nothing less than the best. Let us show you how Military Coins USA can deliver the very best custom police coins.

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At Military Coins USA, we specialize in challenge coins for military units. However, we can create the finest custom challenge coins you'll find anywhere for any organization or group. Just fill out our free quote form, or call us toll free at 1-877-670-2646, or email us at [email protected] and we'll get started designing your custom challenge coins today.

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