The Best Choices For Your Army Challenge Coins

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty

The Best Choices For Your Army Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been a unique part of Army life for decades. In recent years, coin suppliers have introduced a wide range of outstanding options that can personalize Army challenge coins in greater detail.

The traditional challenge coin dates back a full century to the U.S. Army Air Service of World War I. Aerial warfare was just getting off the ground, at least in terms of powered aircraft. Legend has it that a wealthy lieutenant created the first custom coins for his Army Air Corps squad in WWI.

As the story goes, a member of the squadron was shot down behind enemy lines but was able to escape to French territory. Upon being captured by the French, he was aided by his challenge coin, which assisted in proving his identity. The airman was eventually returned safely to his unique.

The original challenge coin designs were quite simple. However, they have become much more intricate over the years. Today challenge coins have a bevy of options and custom elements to set them apart. You can opt for the classic monochromatic look or add colors to your custom challenge coins. You can also select edge designs, cutouts, sequential numbering, and even custom shapes.

When choosing the right challenge coins, start with the metal color of your coin. A reputable supplier should provide a range of choices, including gold, silver, brass, black nickel, copper, or even a duo-tone combination of two colors.

You are not limited to just round coins, either. Consider how your design would look with a unique shape. The graphic artists at your coin provider can assist you with these details to ensure you get the right type of coin you demand.

Cutouts add a unique aesthetic to the coins. The open space sharply contrasts and highlights your chosen design. You can also combine cutouts with diamond-cut coin edges for a really bold appearance. Looking to add an additional message or comment to your coin? Engraved edge text makes it possible. If you'd like to add an extra element to your coin, your order can be sequentially numbered. If you would like to encourage folks to use your coins on a regular basis, you can turn them into bottle openers or keychains.

A good coin supplier can advise you on the styles and options that work best for your needs. No matter what options you choose for your coins, a reputable provider is a must.

At MilitaryCoinsUSA, we have nearly 15 years of experience creating great looking, durable custom coins for all needs and every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. We also offer outstanding prices and the most flexibility in coin design you can get anywhere.

Contact us to find out more and let us show you how easy it is to create custom Military challenge coins.

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