Navy Challenge Coins

Posted on Nov 26, 2019 by Jesse Daugherty

Navy Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have become a staple of military life. They are an essential icon of Navy life from SECNAV down to the newest sailor. These coins are passed throughout the ranks to promote camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

Custom challenge coins have long been a part of Navy history. They are a great way to commemorate the role has in defending our nation's freedom. Challenge coins are a great way to celebrate specific deployments, missions, or ship assignments. They are remarkable ways of honoring a sailor's time in the Navy.

Here at MilitaryCoinsUSA, we offer the finest in challenge coins of all kinds. We have resources and the talents to produce the perfect coins to match your specific design. No matter what you are looking to celebrate from Navy life, we can make it happen.

Take into consideration what you want your custom coins to look like. You have options! Do you want a standard round coin? Want your coins to be in a different shape? These options have become much more prevalent among military units of all sorts.

Now, think about the metal color you want. There is a bevy of options here as well. Gold, silver, brass, and copper are all great options. These can come in polished or antiqued finishes. No matter if you want to create something wholly new or reproduce an existing design, our artists will help you bring your coin to life.

Custom coins can be made to your exact specs, providing a unique keepsake that will provide memories for years to come. We can produce as many or as few coins as needed. No matter what size coins you want, or what size order you need, we will offer the best quality products you can find. You can count on MilitaryCoinsUSA for all of your Navy challenge coin needs.

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