Make Your Coins Truly Yours With Custom Options

Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

Make Your Coins Truly Yours With Custom Options

Custom challenge coins are widely popular in both military and civilian life today. Whether it’s to honor achievement, promote cohesion among team members or for just about anything else, they’re a great way to celebrate. While coins are attractive keepsakes on their own merit, there’s a wide range of custom options available to make them even more memorable and cherished by recipients.

Start With Your Coin’s Shape

When you think coin, you probably think round. But you don’t have to. Thanks to computer controlled production equipment, your coins can be virtually any shape you want. If you want to recall a certain ship or aircraft, have your challenge coins made in that shape. Want coins in the shape of a vacuum cleaner to promote your cleaning business? No problem!

Of course, round coins are always a classic style. With a wide range of sizes and other custom options available as well, you can rest assured a reputable coin provider can craft beautiful keepsakes that you can carry, distribute and display proudly, no matter what shape.

Metal Color Custom Options

The timeless polished brass is the classic color for custom coins. But other colors provide a unique look all their own. Many suppliers offer a choice of coin finishes, including gold, silver, copper and black nickel, in addition to brass. You can choose between polished and antiqued styles, and even select a duo-tone choice combining two colors for a one of a kind memento.

Try each color online to find the right one for your design. The experts at any reputable coin provider can help you find the perfect metal color for your chosen design.

Speaking of Color…

Adding color to your coin design is one of the most popular custom options. Especially if you want to reproduce a logo or other emblem, you can easily add color to one or both sides of your coin. A good provider will offer up to five colors free on your design, with more available for a slight additional fee.

Colorful emblems such as military unit designations and fire or police department logos in particular benefit from added color. The addition makes them really stand out and dramatically represent the desired image.

Custom Edges Add Dramatic Style

Diamond-cut edges give your coins a distinctive look and feel by cutting a pattern around the circumference of your coins. Cross-cut, wave-cut or rope-cut designs each offer a unique depth to the look of your coins.

One of the most popular custom options for coins is engraved text around the coin edges. You can add a phrase, date or other information around the rim. Consider adding sequential numbering to make your coins a limited edition.

Any good coin supplier offers many other custom options that enable you to make your custom coin design uniquely your own. At, we feature lots of options, and our experienced staff will be glad to help you select the right ones for your specific designs. To find out more, email us at [email protected], fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form, or call us (toll-free) at 877.670.2646. Depend on us to serve all your custom challenge coin needs.

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