Hitting the Target with Gifts for Military Members

Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

Hitting the Target with Gifts for Military Members

If you are looking for a great gift for the military member in your life, this is the list for you. With Veterans Day, Christmas, and birthdays, there is always a reason to be keeping your eye out for a great gift. No matter what the occasion is, here are ten great gifts you can consider for your dedicated member of the military.

1. Photo Album

Personal gifts that have sentimental value are always a great idea. If your loved one is serving overseas, consider sending them a photo album of special days in your lives or of special events they have missed. This helps them to carry a piece of home with them, even though they are far away. If they are not away on duty, create a photo album of a specific group of people they served with, such as a squadron, unit, etc. You can even include letters or thoughts shared by those people to your soldier.

2. Shadow Box

Creating a display for a wall, desk, or mantle in a shadow box helps honor your loved one’s service. Include personalized items, like dog tags, name bands, a military coin for the branch of military they served in, photo, and any medals they earned while in service.

3. Honor or Challenge Coin

Creating a custom honor or challenge coin is easier than you think. Base it around their military branch, platoon/squadron, or list dates for a specific tour they have completed.

4. Plaque

There are many different types of plaques you can create for military personnel. Plaques with dates carved, engraved, or mounted with dates for special dates, such as the day they enlisted, tours served, or a retirement day are great items to include. Having something to hang in their home or office is a special way to highlight some important times in their life and career.

5. Keychain

These common collector’s items are also great reminders of bonds created and times endured. If you are looking for something custom, consider creating an honor coin and turning it into a keychain.

6. Medal Board

Not everyone who serves in the military receives a medal. If your loved one has even just one or two, consider giving them a board that holds their medals. This helps display and show off some of the accomplishments they have achieved and is a great way to honor their heroic acts.

7. Care Package

This is a standard gift for military member overseas during the holidays or for a birthday. There are many creative ideas, including boxes full of items packed in yellow for sending “a little bit of sunshine”, a stocking full of tactical or survival gear, and their favorite treats. Other great things to include are letters from loved ones, a pillow that substitutes for a hug, or items from home that are hard to find where they are stationed.

8. Donations or Service

If you are not in the immediate family of a service member, consider donating to their family or performing some act of service. Drop off some presents on their doorstep, arrange for them to do a fun activity together, or do their yardwork without them knowing. Letting them know that they are thought about, loved, and their sacrifice is appreciated also is a great way to honor their military member. Since everyone worries about the well-being of their loved ones while they are away on duty, you can reassure them that their loved ones have a support system at home.

9. Customized Wooden Box

There are a lot of items military members get that need storing. Create a wooden box with a custom inscription or picture on it for them to store those items. You can go simple with a box that has a simple latch, or one with a lock and key on it.

10. Flag Box

Displaying a flag in a custom flag box is a great gift. Members of the military have a special respect for the flag since they fight defending everything it stands for. Flag boxes are often triangular and show only the star portion of the flag. At the base is usually a small inscription tag, which is where you could include their name.


Gift shopping doesn’t have to be complicated for members of the military. Whether they are at home or abroad, they will appreciate the thought and effort, no matter what you give them. Highlighting and honoring their service lets them know that you are grateful for and respect their time and efforts.

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