Giving Back! Military-Inspired Gifts for Veterans

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty

Giving Back! Military-Inspired Gifts for Veterans

Finding an excellent gift for anyone can be a challenging task. However, finding a gift that honors a military veteran is even more challenging. You want to find something that has meaning and value, something that communicates your love and appreciation as well.

On the other hand, you don't want something that will sit on a shelf and collect dust. If you have struggled to find a good gift that honors that important veteran in your life, we are here to help. We've put together a few of the best military gift ideas, each one bringing together meaning and utility into something your veteran will cherish for years to come.

Challenge Coins!
Challenge coins are always a great gift idea for veterans. They continue to be one of the best gift ideas for veterans, as they remain popular symbols of identity and respect for military personnel.

Challenge coins have been rewarded and distributed to members from within the military itself for over a century. They are a symbol of unification and camaraderie, bonding fellow service members for decades. However, you can also get a custom challenge coin for any branch of the military.

Each can have very specific information regarding your veteran’s unit, military history, dates for a tour, and so much more. This personalizes the gift and gives them a memento that they can relate to.

Sometimes the best gift for a veteran is something from a company literally run by military personnel. Goruck is an a-list company that was founded by a Green Beret. The company offers everything from rucksacks to quality clothing designed to last.

Goruck products are proudly sold with an eye towards excellence, adaptability, and toughness, offering something that will provide the perfect gift option for your veteran. The company also hosts more than a thousand events across the globe each year. Each of these is aimed at bringing a military level of activity and engagement back to the civilian world.

Combat Flip Flops!
For the veteran who wants to make an impact on the world, Combat Flip Flops are a perfect way to do so. The company was created by special operation veterans who are on a mission to change the world through “The Unarmed Forces.”

Their products come from entrepreneurs whom they have helped establish businesses in conflict zones. Their mantra is to “manufacture peace through trade.” They also support many different charities, including Aid Afghanistan for Education, Mines Advisory Group, and THE STATION Foundation.

If your veteran is a fan of a nice pair of shoes or quality flip flops, this is a great way to elevate their style with a veteran-backed-and-owned organization.

Bottle Openers!
Earlier, we spoke about challenge coins, but have you heard of the “coin check?” This tradition takes place when a group of vets is drinking together. One will produce his challenge coin and “challenge” the others to do so. However, if anyone has forgotten their coin, they have to pick up the tab.

Of course, all of that drinking requires an effective way to open bottles. This is precisely why another top suggestion for excellent gifts for veterans is a bottle opener. They probably already have one, but a custom-designed bottle opener that bears an insignia specific to their days in the military is something they will take pride in.

Sword & Plough!
This veteran-owned business gets its name after that age-old call to turn “swords into plowshares." Their three-point goal is to empower veteran employment, reduce the amount of waste affecting the planet, and strengthen the communication and understanding.

The company offers a variety of military-themed products for both men and women. They also donate 10% of all of their profits to veteran nonprofit organizations. If you are looking for an assortment of options, each backed by a veteran-approved cause, this is the place to go.

Buying A Gift With Care!
While these five choices are an excellent place to start, there are a ton of other gift ideas. The important thing is that you shop for a gift with care.

You want to be sure that any gift if purchased with a thought towards who they are, where they come from, and the meaning of the gift. 

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