For Military Coins, the Value is Valor

Sarah Olson

Sarah Olson

For Military Coins, the Value is Valor

The exchange of coins in the military is a tradition that appears throughout history in different parts of the world. Unlike regular currency, however, coins exchanged in the military, often called “challenge coins”, have no monetary value. Instead, the value of the coin contains only what the giver and receiver assign it, and that has nothing to do with money.

So what is a challenge coin? Physically, it’s a small medallion or coin displaying an insignia or phrase to indicate its significance. The coin should be small enough to fit in the palm of a hand or inside a pocket so that the recipient can keep it on them at all times. Traditionally in the United States, it’s exchanged among military personnel, but even presidents, civilians, and businesses have embraced the tradition of giving out challenge coins.

Symbolically, however, a challenge coin can hold much more value in its meaning. Challenge coins can be awarded or exchanged for a variety of reasons. They can act as mementos, either commemorating events, awarding achievements, or commending bravery. Challenge coins can represent gratitude, exclusivity, and affirmation.

Challenge coins are given not as payment, but as recognition.

These challenge coins can also signify proof of membership or affiliation with a club, unit, or department. A traditional “challenge coin check” is a way to have fun or boost morale with other members of your group by challenging members to keep the token on them at all times. Challenge coins can continue to make new memories years after receiving them.

Whatever meaning you choose to assign to your challenge coin, let us help you increase its value with custom designs and artwork. We have various metals and colors available for customization, including antique finishes. Make your coin unique with a colorful design, engraved edges, or go outside the box and forge a coin in a uncommon shape.

Many of our packaging options also double as displays. You can choose from velvet bags, hard cases and capsules, and even stands.

Create new traditions by embracing old ones with challenge coins!

Get a free quote today or send us an email to see how we can help you create the perfect token to present to the deserving people on your team.


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