Different Coins for Different Branches of the Military: Navy SEALs

Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

Different Coins for Different Branches of the Military: Navy SEALs


The Navy has a deep, rich history in the United States. Some of the most distinguished members are known as Navy SEALs, an elite team named for the specialized training they receive to operate in all environments; sea, air, and land. They are also trained in extreme temperatures and terrains, including humid, dense jungles, dry and scorching deserts, and the rough, freezing Arctic. Each SEAL must be in excellent physical condition to hike mountains, swim long distances, and fulfill any assignments given.

The History of the SEALs

Naval Special forces originated in World War II with the Navy Raiders, Naval Combat Demolition Units, Navy Underwater Demolition Teams, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons, and the Operational Swimmers of the Office of Strategic Services. These teams performed tasks such as reconnaissance, and locating and marking mines for minesweepers. After World War II, most of these teams were disbanded but brought back during the Korean War.

President Kennedy established the SEALs in 1962 to carry out high-impact missions, like their predecessors in World War II. They were trained to be the Navy version of the Army’s Green Berets. Working together, the special forces functioned as a counterforce to guerilla warfare, while testing their limits and setting new techniques for warfare.

Navy SEALs Today

Today, the Navy SEALs are still an elite team of sailors. They are selected for their leadership qualities, ability to work on a team, work ethic, and physical condition. Within the SEALs, other groups have even more specialized training and tasks, such as SEAL Team 6. This elite group has been tasked with thousands of missions, all under highly classified instruction. Even the team is classified, never publicly acknowledged by the Pentagon, with information only coming in limited amounts from former members.

SEAL Team 6 receives unique training that teaches them to fulfill missions in fast-moving, complex environments. Their instincts and conditioning must be running at full capacity during their assignments, so the training must address that. Like all SEALs, they must be prepared for all terrains, climates, and conditions. The operations all happen in secret, so stealth is imperative. It’s no wonder so much myth and legend exists around this highly specialized group.

Honoring Their Service

While being selected into one of these elite groups is an honor, it is always nice to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifice that each SEAL makes for their country. Navy challenge coins and honor coins are a unique and sentimental gift. Whether you are giving them to your team as a way to unify or distinguish them, personal coins are something that can last a lifetime.

Challenge coins are engrained in military history with service members sharing them for more than a century. Using high-quality artistry and materials, you can personalize them to your group with numbers, names, and symbols specific to your team. If you are looking for a way to honor the service of your Navy SEAL or an entire team of SEALs, consider creating custom honor coins.


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