Published: Jan 24 2019

Custom flags at a steal of a deal!

Piracy.  Another in a long line of time-honored labor professions going the way of the proverbial dodo with the advent of modern technology.  There used to be a time when you'd give a man the respect of meeting him face to face across a ship's bow in a winner-take-all test of will and mettle, followed by a spirited evening of carousing at the local port (and who among us doesn't enjoy a good carousing on occasion?).

Now, if piracy is mentioned, it's most likely regarding a rash of illegally downloaded mp3's or watching a grainy cellphone video of a movie shot by a rubber-armed picaroon who doesn't have enough artistic integrity to not mouth breathe within two feet of the receiver during the entire film.

With this insanely affordable deal on custom full-color sublimated 3'x5' polyester flags, you can add one more step on the footbridge back to a swashbuckling resurgence of traditional piracy!  At just $180 delivered, you can also support your military battalion, advertise your company or get your group noticed at local fundraisers and events as well...if you're into that sort of thing over a good old-fashioned buccaneering session.

Call us today, and we'll get your skull and crossbones (or custom design of your choosing) on order today!

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