Challenge Coins for a Cause

Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

Challenge Coins for a Cause

Life isn’t always easy and not everyone has the same advantages in life. There are many social causes that people hold walks for, including research for a medical condition, a fundraiser for families of people who valiantly battled an illness, or even events held to bring awareness to an issue.

In October, breast cancer awareness is a big focus for survivors and families of those who didn’t win their battle. There are many different types of walks, fundraisers, and events to help shine a spotlight on this issue. If you are involved in the planning of an event for breast cancer awareness, challenge coins can help. By creating a custom challenge coin, you are creating more than just a coin.

Create a Memory

There are a lot of people in the United States who have known someone who has battled cancer. With so many women and men who have won, handing out a challenge coin to survivors at your event to honor their fight and purpose in life is a touching tribute. You can create another coin that is special and unique to give to families who have lost loved ones. The coin can serve to honor their memory and valiant fight too. Challenge coins serve as a great reminder to them about the emotions they felt at the event, along with the bonds they created with others in the community and the people they learned about who have battled breast cancer.

Create Awareness

If you hand them out to people who donate to cancer research or those who pay to get into your event, you are spreading passion and awareness. The more people who see the coin, the more awareness you can bring to breast cancer. Coins are a great talking point for people, especially if you turn them into something that is more visible, like a keychain. Since you get to design the coin, you can make it as unique and vibrant as you want, making it more noticeable. If you are supporting a specific organization, charity, or medical facility, handing out your custom challenge coin with its name on it helps people remember the organization even better. The physical reminder with the name will help them remember.

Create a New Tradition

Many causes prefer to hold races to raise money and awareness, where medals are handed out. Many runners like to collect these medals to display, showing their accomplishments. If you decide to hold a race for breast cancer research, a challenge coin is a great option to hand out in bags instead of a medal. You can easily customize them to your occasion, but they are a more distinctive option. By starting your own tradition, you set yourself apart and become more memorable. If you hold your event or race every year, make the challenge coins different so that they can become a fun collector’s item too. Think about having fun display cases available as prizes for placing in a race, winning in a raffle, or having on site to purchase for more funds.


Challenge coins can really benefit your event for breast cancer awareness. Our artists can talk to you about ideas to make your coins unique and special. If you decide that this is something you would like to order, let us help you create the perfect coin.

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