Published: Jan 24 2019

A hot deal on ice scrapers for the coldest time of year!

These custom-printed ice scrapers are a great way to market your business.  They're essential this time of year in most of the country, the pricing make them affordable on almost any budget, and the 5-7 day turnaround means we can get them out the door and into your clients' hands in almost no time at all.

At only $425 for 250 pieces bottom-line delivered, these things practically sell themselves!

So instead of spending any more time on that, and with the resurgence of niche sports in recent years, I'm going to try to work out how to bring 1960's octopus wrestling back to the mainstream.

My vision:  Extreme Octopus Wrestling.  Full disclosure, it's exactly the same as the original, except we give the octopuses access to metal folding chairs, and the divers have to face off against their cephalopod opponent inside a water-filled octagon instead of the open ocean.

I'm still working out how we'd get a championship belt on an octopus, but if we can get even one quote like the 1964 True magazine gem “He knew full well the futility of trying for a crotch hold on an opponent with eight crotches", at least a full seven of the ten minutes of painstaking planning I've devoted to this endeavor will have been worth it.

Get started now!

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